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Specialized Cleaning

Our Specialized Cleaning Services Throughout Brisbane

Perhaps the service you are after is more specialized. Need not to worry, we've got it all covered, all types of cleaning within the Commercial Cleaning Industry. Whether it's for regular services ie annually, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly etc or for one offs - all our specialized services are listed below. These services should always be considered for all types of commercial property in order to remain in control in the maintenance and appearance of your site.

  • Hard Floor Care, Buffing & Polishing, Stripping & Sealing

  • Tile Scrubbing, restoration

  • High Pressure Cleaning

  • Detailed Appliance Cleaning (including Kitchen Appliances, Computer Monitors, Phones, Chairs)

WSO Group Commercial Cleaning - Specialized Cleaning Services

Need help with a specialized cleaning service?

Just ask us.

First time commercial cleaning request? Got a cleaning issue? Not happy with your current cleaners? After more information? Whatever you're after, we're here to help and would love to hear from you.

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