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Professionals In Retail Cleaning Throughout Brisbane

Our Retail Store Cleaning Services are one of our more demanding services in Brisbane. The Retail Industry's Shopping Centres, Airports & Boutique Stores often deal with heavy traffic, and as a result require more frequent cleaning schedules. Regardless of traffic flow, the importance in keeping your store glowing is a high priority to us as it is our clients. Our Retail Cleaning Professionals have all the experience and training necessary in getting the job done at the highest standards possible, ensuring their needs are met whatever they may be.

Retail Cleaning Services Tailored To Different Stores

As we know, there are all sorts of store types in the retail industry, and each of them could require a different style of retail store cleaning. As many specifications are standard through all stores, often there are different requirements in stores that suit the nature of the business. As many other cleaning providers go for the one size fits all approach, we do it differently, as we know there are different needs to be met. Some store types rather more time spent on a detail approach to cleaning while some prefer a focus on more volume and faster completion times. A site assessment will determine what works best, according to the client's needs and our professional advice.

WSO Group Commercial Cleaning - Cleaning Contractor

What You Get With Our Retail Cleaning Service

  • A cleaning professional specifically assigned to your site according to their level of experience in retail cleaning sites to carry out specifications at high standards. They will only use natural & non toxic cleaning products.

  • A site manager who will regularly liaise with you on a regular basis and monitor the performance of our cleaning professionals, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations.

  • Anytime support whether by phone or email.

  • Advice on further improvements through other services (see below).

  • We can also help with Bathroom & Kitchen Stock level monitoring and ordering.

Retail Cleaning Professionals Working Around The Clock

Our Retail Cleaning services are usually performed after hours and depending on client preferences during trading hours. We have experienced Retail Cleaning Professionals who are able to work around the clock to suit our client's preferences. Regardless of the times preferred, we take great care in ensuring there is little to no disruption to our client's, employees and their customers.

Common Areas & Items Covered In Our Retail Cleaning Service

  • Showroom Cleaning

  • Kitchen Cleaning

  • Back-room Cleaning

  • Wiping or Squeegeeing Glass Windows & Mirrors

  • Dusting & Wiping Counter-tops & Benches

  • Sweeping or Vacuuming & Mopping of Floors

  • Floor Polishing

  • Rubbish Removal

Would you like to speak to us about your retail cleaning needs? Just ask us.

First time commercial cleaning request? Got a cleaning issue? Not happy with your current cleaners? After more information? Whatever you're after, we're here to help and would love to hear from you.

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