Workplace Hygiene Matters

3 Reasons Why Workplace Hygiene Really Matters

Workplace hygiene is so much more than ensuring the bins are emptied once a week, or that the kitchen space gets a wipe down every once in a while. Office hygiene and cleanliness is a core component to the quality of your workspace, and brings a wealth of benefits when well maintained.

When people are spending 8 or more hours a day in a poorly maintained environment, there are serious ramifications at stake. Here are the top 3 reasons why workplace hygiene really matters, and why it’s essential that your business takes it seriously:

1. Helps with employee happiness and retention

There are direct links between an employee’s happiness at work and their retention in a job with the state and quality of their workplace environment. If people recognise they and their office space are being taken care of, and it’s a comfortable and pleasant place to work, then they’re much more likely to be happier, more satisfied and even more productive.

Simple ways of maintaining at least a basic level of workplace hygiene include ensuring the trash cans are emptied regularly, restrooms and kitchen areas are kept clean and tidy, and light air fresheners are used to keep the air clean and fresh.

2. Reduces the risk and spread of illnesses

Sickness in the workplace can spread like wildfire if the environment is not well maintained and high-quality hygiene is not enforced. From dusty desks that harbor germs and bacteria, to bins that fester with bad odours and uncleanliness, viruses can quickly take over your entire staff if you’re not careful!

A core detriment of regular illnesses in the workplace include people taking more days of sick leave leading a loss of productivity and progress. Help avoid this by ensuring you have top office hygiene standards across the board. Aside from regular cleaning services, some extra things you can do to help promote personal hygiene is by offering hand sanitisers around the office and cleaning cloths for people to use to wipe down their workstations regularly.

3. Reduces the risk of accidents and injury

Poor workplace hygiene in result in messes and spillages that quickly become potential hazards if not promptly tidied or cleaned. If your staff slip or trip, whether it’s over spilt liquid on tiles or old boxes in walkways, they could seriously injure themselves. In fact, research has shown that around 40% of workplace accidents are linked to slips and trips. There’s additional risk of legal action being fired against the business if the worker decides to sue.

Occupational health and safety is a significant component to the quality of an office space, so it’s important to employ trustworthy cleaners to help maintain a high standard of cleanliness, tidiness and overall workspace hygiene.

These 3 reasons are already a strong justification for why workplace hygiene is something your company should invest in, for the wellbeing of your employees and to help your business thrive in a healthy, happy environment.

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