Unsatisfied With Your Current Cleaners?

As a Cleaning company, we often hear many times, what annoyed clients most about their previous cleaning providers. Some of the comments were “they started off good and got worse over time”, “they were inconsistent”, “they kept cutting corners”, “not using clean cloths & mops”, “poor quality service”, “using cheap products”, “ not doing what they said they would do” and the list goes on..

We can all agree that it isn't fair paying for a service you agree for, and to not receive the agreed service. Not much of an agreement is it?

Surprisingly these complaints are made on big & small providers, that's right, even the big cleaning companies. Why the big companies? Even though they might be more expensive, it doesn't mean they are sufficiently paying or managing their contractors, and as a result could mean they don't 'really' guarantee their work.

Some companies might start the cleaning services at a high standard, leaving a good impression at first, but then its all down-hill from there! Beware! The first few cleans should not be a true test for their long term effectiveness. Although it is a good sign, being on the right path, some can take a couple months before standards drop. So if the cleaning is still good after a couple months, you might have a keeper, otherwise, it might be worth considering your other options as things could get worse! When suspecting your cleaning providers are finishing too quickly, this usually means they are getting comfortable, which is kind of a good thing, however, being too comfortable is not so great as many bad habits come into the service. Contractors get a sense of the areas that are used the most, and neglect other areas, which then becomes standard practice of contractors of this kind. These contractors also become negligent in standard practices, such as using clean cloths & mops, which lead to cross contamination (a story on its own), and this is not excusable! They often use cheap products, which are toxic and bad quality, which is a problem. Both for health, the environment and for the overall effectiveness in cleaning (while possibly leaving stains on surfaces).

You'd be surprised how many cleaning companies don't have good standards, not meeting the basics as part of their job requirements.

A tip you could utilize to make sure your cleaning provider is sticking to the agreed cleaning schedule, is to set up a communication book with a check-list of the agreed tasks for each service. The contractor will have to tick the tasks completed and enter an entry and exit time. This way you can check back on what was completed each service. Similarly, this can be done electronically, which is even more effective, using the Google Pictures Application. The app will allow you to take photos, automatically share and store, noting times and dates when the pictures were taken. So the cleaning contractors can take pictures of areas cleaned, assuring the client the agreed tasks have been completed.

Bottom line - make sure your provider sets out a professional cleaning plan from the start, that will be managed diligently in quality control and one who GUARANTEES their work. In this industry it is extremely important they back up their work 100% to make sure they are doing their job as agreed to.

Hopefully we have been helpful in giving you some ideas. If you are experiencing any of these quite common cleaning issues, there are ways out!





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