Eco Friendly Green Cleaning

Considering how well aware we are about cleaning products and the negative effects many of them have on health and the environment, supermarkets, retailers & suppliers continue to sell these products filled with harmful and toxic chemicals. No doubt, some are effective in what they are made to do, but this comes at a price – and not just dollars & cents.

With the amount of resources we have available on the internet today, by now we should have a good understanding of what is good for us & the environment and what isn't. And if that information isn't easily accessible, then one easy way to identify a good product is finding one with natural ingredients (not just the one 'natural' fragrance ingredient). In other words, ingredients that are plant based.

Another way that contributes to Eco friendly cleaning is the use of cleaning products that are bio-degradable concentrates. Not only can they be effective in cleaning, but they are easy on the environment and your budget. Not being filled with unknown fillers usually containing harmful toxins, rather they can be mixed with water for more volume, which makes for great savings! Who says Eco Friendly products are expensive? They are far cheaper than you think!

So next time you are at the supermarket and ready to purchase cleaning products, if you haven’t so already, make the switch to Eco Friendly cleaning products. If you are already using Eco Friendly Cleaning products, then GREAT! Keep it up!


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