Choosing The Right Cleaning Service For Your Business!

For any business, hiring an on-going cleaning service can be a challenge. Many providers offer the same proposals but at varying prices. Do you ever wonder why some services are more expensive than others? Do the varying costs have an impact on the ‘quality’ of work being performed? Is having a clean workplace really that important?

The Importance of having a ‘clean’ Workplace

The workplace environment influences employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. Maintaining a clean workplace, no matter the industry, help keep employees (as well as visitors to the site), safe, healthy and performing efficiently. However, busy production schedules and increasing workloads may cause standards to dip especially if the responsibility of cleaning is not outsourced. Though it may seem tempting to put off dusting or other types of cleaning around the office, this simple but costly choice can have a negative effect on the performance of the business.

So how is a decision made at this point? Let’s explore the options.

Cheap Vs Expensive

It may seem easy to consider the cheaper option, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a bargain? Considering the on-going expenses your business already incurs, the idea of saving money where possible is vital. But very rarely do you see the words ‘cheap’ and ‘quality’ in the same sentence. More times than not, the cheaper options can become the regretful option. This explains the existence behind the more expensive cleaning quotes. Paying just that little bit extra gives businesses and individuals the confidence that they will be receiving a quality cleaning service. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both cheap and expensive services, to assist you in choosing the right cleaning provider for your business: -

Advantages – Cheap Service: -

  1. Low cost outlay – only minimal harm on your profit

  2. Quick service – a quick service is a plus, especially if performed during business/operational hours

Advantages – Expensive Service: -

  1. Expectant high standard – high standard cleaning is a stand out alone and the fixed price usually includes extra care that cheaper services charge as ‘extras’

  2. Professional service – apart from the physical cleaning service, the on-going client support with your service provider is a huge benefit, allowing businesses to focus on more important tasks and matters

  3. Long term results – a quality service leaves a lasting impression with no worry about any major clean-ups in future.

Disadvantages – Cheap Service: -

  1. Cheap standard – in most cases, many tasks are not completed or even attempted due to the speed of the service required for the provider to make a ‘profit’

  2. Expensive Long Term – when you consider the savings you made short term, cutting costs meant cutting corners and in time may cost more than you think to remedy

  3. Decreased professional impression –your business space will lose the appearance it once had over time and have a negative effect on your customers and/or employees

Disadvantages – Expensive Service: -

  1. Cost outlay –higher costs means lower profits to the business; a very hard concept to digest

  2. No guarantee on quality – the chances might be lower than that of a cheaper clean, but there is no guarantee that the service provider delivers the value for money

  3. Contracts – many service providers in this category like to secure a fixed contract with their client which might not be a good option if you are wanting to discontinue the agreement before its maturity date

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages in each price range. How you choose ultimately will depend on what the business wants and is tolerant of. Choosing the cheaper cost option, though pleasing to the eye, should be considered with caution. To avoid the huge outlays in rectifying a ‘cheap’ service and if the budget will allow for it, investing in a more expensive service – for a more premium service, is a wiser option.


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